What is LEO?

The Lymphoma Epidemiology of Outcomes (LEO) study is an observational study that will follow patient care and quality of life over the course of several years. Information will be collected through medical records and questionnaires submitted by you. Please browse our website to learn more about how you can participate.

Why join LEO?

Your contribution to this research will allow us to learn more about disorders of the lymphatic and blood system. The overall goals are to find causes and better treatments for these disorders. We also hope to find ways to prevent lymphomas and ways to help people with lymphoma live long and better.

Who are the participating centers?

The information collected may be used for current or future research studies at Mayo Clinic, Emory University and Grady Health systems, the University of Iowa, the MD Anderson Cancer Center, Washington University in St. Louis, Cornell, University of Rochester, and University of Miami/Jackson Memorial Hospital.